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Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences at Cedar Park are February 8th and 9th. 

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Report an Absence

In an effort to do an efficient job of tracking illness, we ask you to submit all absences via  a tracking form on our website (button below) rather than making a phone call.

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Winter in MN

Cedar Park Weather Station!

Check out detailed weather data for our area by using our official weather station on the Weather Underground Station Link below.


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STEM Comes Alive At Cedar Park!

Click here to find out how our students are actively and safely engaged in authentic STEM learning this school year.

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Testing schedules Cedar Park

Testing at Cedar Park

Please refer to this resource to find information on our district's standardized tests, our district testing calendar and testing updates.

Testing Resources

A District 196 STEM magnet school of excellence

We strive to be a national leader in STEM instruction and our school is comprised of hard-working students and dedicated staff. 


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All District 196 stakeholders are invited to attend one of three meetings Nov. 15, 16 and 17 to get information about facilities, equipment and space needs in District 196, and provide feedback on possible improvements being considered to meet those needs in the state’s fourth largest school district.

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This is part of the district’s plan to centralize our content management systems and improve communication between schools and families by providing a consistent, user-focused experience across all school websites.