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Livin' the STEM Life

science teacher showing a minnow
outdoor classroom1
student tapping our school maple trees to get sap for syrup
goats as special guests
robotics class outside in winter
4th grade geocaching
smell flowers

Outdoor Classrooms

Cedar Park takes learning outside during all seasons so our students can receive authentic learning experiences from: our school pond, our school forest and gardens, tapping maple trees to make our own syrup, having robotics class outside, Geocaching with our GPSs, observing and feeling life science in it's own natural state.

3rd grader coding large algorithms in Scratch
scratch jr app inuse
pair parters with microbit coding
kids coding ozobots
students doing unplugged code activity
kids coding a dash robot
computational thinking infographic
student creating in scratch app
students creating own app in App Inventor portal
student working in Kodable app

Month of CODE!

The tech-driven world we all live in runs on code. Therefore, all Cedar Park students participate in a month of exploring and learning computer science/coding. Students get 5 lessons in both Tech & Engineering class in December where they learn the basic vocabulary & fundamentals of coding by practicing Computational Thinking problem solving skills & peer collaboration. Then later throughout the school year, each student creates a coding project in Tech class that supports ISD 196 Units of Study curriculum. 

5th grade building winter shelters at eagle bluff
the bell museum
Mars expert skyping in
5th grade doing climbing wall at eagle bluff
trail walking at regional park
kids sheds
field trip to gardens
field trip to gardens
boys at sci museum
girls at sci museum

Part of livin' the STEM life at Cedar Park is each grade receives numerous opportunities for their classes to go on specialized field studies, such as: MN Zoo, Lebanon Hills, MN SciMuseum, MN Children's Museum, MN History Museum, Bell Museum, local apple orchards, Eagle Bluff (3 day trip for 5th grade).

Cedar Park also brings in real STEM experts (in person or via video conference) from their professional fields to present, teach and share valuable knowledge to all our students and staff. Experts from NASA (video conf), Ely Wolf Center (video conf.), Ecolab, Engineering without Borders, MN Zoo, Science House, U of MN, The Works Museum just to name a few come out to our school to help support our STEM experience. 

STEM Field Studies & Special Guests

Our STEM school is proud to offer unique STEM field studies to all students and also invite real professional STEM experts to come into our school in person or via video conference to share their expertise from their field to enhance our student's learning experience. 

students gardening

School Gardens & Forest

The whole Cedar Park Community is involved with taking care of our many gardens and greenhouse on our school grounds. Each grade level is in charge of planting, tending and harvesting their own gardens with the guidance from classroom teachers and Mrs. Ellickson our science teacher. Staff and community members can sign-up as volunteers over the summer to keep our gardens fresh and lively!