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STEM Learning Spaces

teacher teaching the STEM wing collaboratve area
kids working together in groups
students using the AR-Sandbox
our stem breakout area in stam hall
science class in the stem hall tables

STEM Hallway
Break-Out Area

Cedar Park has a newly built STEM break-out space located in our STEM hall. This collaborative area has movable furniture to easily create big to small groups of student interaction. This space has LED panel with an Apple TV for kids and staff to mirror to so they can share and present information to the STEM hall HDTV. The STEM break-out area is also were we teach with our Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox to teach the fundamentals of geography, landforms and the water cycle.

science teacher showing a minnow
outdoor classroom1
student tapping our school maple trees to get sap for syrup
goats as special guests
robotics class outside in winter
4th grade geocaching
smell flowers

Outdoor Classrooms

Cedar Park takes learning outside during all seasons so our students can receive authentic learning experiences from: our school pond, our school forest and gardens, tapping maple tress to make our own syrup, having robotics class outside, Geocaching with our GPSs, observing and feeling life science in it's own natural state.

kids exploring stations in sci lab
kids in science stations in lab
science lab
kids creating DoodleBots

Science Lab

Cedar Park is one of the few elementary schools to have a dedicated science specialist and science lab to promote learning with the inquiry process in all the ares of life science that support our units of study. Our science lab is fully equipped with professional science hands-on tools from beakers to high power microscopes to magnifying glasses to much more 

third graders hammering
fourth graders learning in engineering
engineering lab
kids making animals
kdis using beebots
3rd graders making animals out of recyclables
kids making marble mazes
kids coding ozobots

Engineering Lab

Cedar Park is the only elementary school in the district with an engineering specialist and dedicated engineering lab. Students use a variety of hands-on, collaborative tools from hammers and nails to 3D printers to a vinyl cutter to legos, to recyclables  to robotics promote students solving problems by following the Engineering Design Process.

kids coding in lab
computer lab
kids creating art on computers
kids using laptops in classroom for tech class
mr. staum teaching with ipads in the classroom
kids using mousebots and maze
kid using laptop to design digital character

Technology Lab and Carts

Cedar Park's technology lab is equipped with many innovative tools for students to engage and learn with. The Tech lab has 30 full screen iMac desktop computers along with space for laptop use and robotics areas as well. Mr. Staum (Technology teacher) also often brings mobile tech tools (laptops, iPads, robotics kits) into K-5th classrooms as well when necessary to support our STEM projects and units of study.