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Physical Education


Cedar Park will be starting the school year with fitness and conditioning activities. All students will be administered physical fitness tests within the first few weeks. Students will be assessed on curl-ups, sit and reach, static arm hang and a endurance run.

We believe that physical education at Cedar Park is an integral component of a student’s education. Our physical education curriculum is designed to contribute to the lifelong development of the student by providing opportunities that positively impact and increase the intellectual, social, emotional and physical fitness of the student. It enhances social development by emphasizing personal achievement, character, and integrity through individual and team activities and sports. Physical education promotes respect for the uniqueness and dignity of self and others through physical activities.

Cedar Park PE Links:
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ISD 196 Physical Education Beliefs & Goals

Minnesta Physical Education Standards

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Becki Douglas

Gym Teacher
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Andrew hartzheim

Gym Teacher
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