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Cedar Park is the only elementary school in the district with an Engineering Specialist and dedicated lab. Cedar Park students come to the Engineering Lab/Makerspace once every 5 days (twice if you are a Kindergartner). They engage in real-world, hands-on, inquiry based activities, experiments and explorations. The goal in the Engineering Lab is to teach students to become problem solvers, students who persist and persevere in solving a variety of challenges.

Students learn to tackle problems by following the Engineering Design Process. They do this through the lens the of their grade level curriculum. For example, if 4th graders are in their Electricity and Magnetism Unit of Study, the students will extend their understanding of concepts through their experiences in the lab. In a world of ever changing needs, there are many problems that need to be solved. Our Cedar Park students will be the next engineers to create innovative solutions.

Check out Mrs. Wanous' Engineering Site >

michelle wanous

Michelle Wanous

Engineering specialist
651-683-6969, ext. 83636

Scroll through the images below to see engineering lessons in action.

girls legos design
students building with hammers
kinders doing sink or float
students using wind tunnel
students making marble maze
kids making vinyl decals
kids in engineering class
kids making animals
kids making marble mazes