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Science notebooks can be used to help students develop, practice, and refine the science understanding, while also enhancing reading, writing, mathematics and communications.

Characteristics Of Inquiry-Based Instruction

  • Teachers create situations for students to solve problems.
  • Students make connections to previous knowledge.
  • Students bring their own questions to learning.
  • Students design a way to try out their own ideas.
  • Investigations may extend over a long period of time.
  • Students communicate via journal writing, oral presentations, drawing, graphing, charting, etc.
  • Students revise explanations as they learn.
kelli ellickson

Kelli Ellickson

Science specialist
651-683-6969, ext. 83619

Scroll through the images below to see science lessons in action.

kids at microscopes stations
kids bird watching in school forest
kids using science stations
student using science sinks
first graders outside recording observations
kids and teacher tapping our maple trees
kids outside at outdoor classroom
kid in bee suit
kids snowshoeing