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Our goal at Cedar Park is to get the most up-to-date and innovative technology into the hands of our students. Our technology class offers relevant, engaging and meaningful opportunities for student learning. Students learn new ways to create, communicate, problem solve and collaborate using 21st century skills. We believe that all of our students can be effective digital learners so digital citizenship is an important emphasis at Cedar Park. In technology class all students learn what it means and feels like to be be a positive, respectful and responsible digital citizen when using networked technology at school and at home.

K-5th grade technology projects that range from multi-media creation to Google Apps production to blogging to digital design in Tinkercad to robotics and computer science/coding!

All students experience very hands-on computer science activities from unplugged activities that focus on sequential algorithm exploration without screens to block coding in the online Scratch platform to real world, professional coding of Python language. Click the following link for more information on Cedar's Month of CODE program.

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The curriculum and standards that I teach!:

mike staum

Mike Staum

Technology specialist & coordinator
651-683-6969, ext. 83874

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Scroll through the images below to see technology lessons in action.

mr. staum teaching tech
kid building a microbit pedometer
3rd grader coding large algorithms in Scratch
scratch jr app inuse
students doing unplugged code activity
5th grader coding shapes in python language
students made a moisture sensor out of a microbit
5th graders with iPad Sphero
pairs using microbits
kids observing ozobots
5th grader coding a dash robot