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Cedar Park News (CPN)


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Cedar Park News is a valued school tradition for over the past ten years at our school. Mike Staum (Technology Specialist) teaches and leads this highly sought after learning opportunity for a select few Cedar Park students. Fourteen fifth graders and two fourth graders are chosen (sometimes from over a hundred applicants) by Mr. Staum with input from fourth and fifth grader teachers of which set of lucky students nest embody the STEM leadership skills and positive personalities to represent our school and community. It is an honor and privilege for a student to be a member of CPN.

CPN broadcasts are produced (equipment, images and script), edited and filmed by students each Thursday as part of our free after school classes program, which starts in the late fall of each school year. Broadcasts are then ready for viewing for all students and staff to enjoy each Friday via our school's Youtube channel. 

You can check out or even subscribe to our Cedar Park News (CPN) Youtube Channel to watch our current and previously filmed broadcasts! This is also the same channel we use to host our student podcast projects.

mike staum

Mike Staum

Technology specialist
Voicemail: 83874

Cedar Park News (CPN) team in action

full news team recording
cpn team filming green screen
camera news team
anchors news team
news team typing script
camera girl news team

CPN student roles are: script writers, camera, teleprompter, green screen set-up and anchors. There are four teams of four students and each team researches, prepares and films a "special report".

Watch our CPN Broadcast Playlists