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Month of CODE!

3rd grader coding large algorithms in Scratch
scratch jr app inuse
pair parters with microbit coding
kids coding ozobots
students doing unplugged code activity
kids coding a dash robot
computational thinking infographic
student creating in scratch app
students creating own app in App Inventor portal
student working in Kodable app
cedar park coding page button

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Month of CODE! 

The tech-driven world we all live in runs on code. Therefore, all Cedar Park students participate in a month of exploring and learning computer science/coding. Students get 5 lessons in both Tech & Engineering class in December where they learn the basic vocabulary & fundamentals of coding by practicing Computational Thinking problem solving skills & peer collaboration. Then later throughout the school year, each student creates a coding project in Tech class that supports ISD 196 Units of Study curriculum.

Our classroom teachers get in on the coding fun as well by checking out laptops and iPads to let their students continue their coding projects and explore more coding resources,